Program Core Elements
What makes us unique!

Introductions and Prayer Requests

This is the first activity that kicks off the conference. This conference is unique, so the “Introductions and Prayer Request” time includes our history, overview of scheduled events, program times, and other unique features of the event. We include a time for individual prayer requests if you so choose. We believe that God wants to meet our needs.

Morning Lakeside Devotion

For those of you who have been attending for a while, this event was formerly named “Morning Watch”. This was confusing because we don’t just watch a morning. We do more than that. We have a devotional time by the Lake. This event is the first event of each day. This event takes place at 7:00am and is geared for those early risers. For those of you who need a bit more sleep, breakfast is at 8:00am, and if you don’t need food, the morning event starts at 9:00am.

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Sessions

These sessions are similar to church services, but with announcements, singing, and preaching. Ok, exactly like a church service. Throughout the conference, we will offer communion, opportunities to receive prayer, witness times, special music, choir, and occasionally the stupid human trick or two.

Small Groups

We love breaking the large group up into smaller groups to give people the chance to get to know one another. We have heard our introverted people like this time the best. During small groups, there is Q&A on what is being preached, prayer requests, and getting to know one another.

Closing Remarks and Thanksgivings

During this time, we close the event. We give an opportunity for folks to talk about their experience during the conference if they so choose. We discuss the upcoming future events. The last event is where we say our goodbyes.