Welcome to the Texas Christian Ashram
A Christian Retreat for the Whole Family

Have you been feeling the daily grind slowly bringing you down? The normal every day stresses of finance, family, work, relationships, and just adulting in general wear on us over time. No matter if your life is perfect or perfectly not, the problem with life is that it is just so DAILY!

Take care of yourself. Take time to unplug from life's stresses. Mentally, emotionally, and most of all spirtually, we need to retreat away from the masses, just like Jesus did, to recharge our batteries!

This Christian retreat experience (like youth camp, but for the whole family) held in a retreat setting for the sole purpose of providing an opportunity to focus on Jesus outside your normal routine. Whether you are an infant or a young adult or a wiser young adult, a full day’s schedule is planned for all ages that is full of fun, fellowship, and Jesus. The camp is currently hosted at Scottsville Camp and Conference Center in Marshall, TX.

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